Wishes Can Happen: Elliott's still feeling like poo -

Wishes Can Happen: Elliott’s still feeling like poo

Elliott is still feeling like poo on a bad day. His fever is down a bit and that’s good. I’m not sure what we’re going to do because he doesn’t feel up to doing anything. I took Gavin and Emmett to breakfast this morning, while Lizze stayed back with Elliott.

They were able to have breakfast delivered to them, so that was awesome.

The weather is sorta crappy again today and it’s supposed to rain for most of the day. I’m thinking we might stay in today and relax because noone is willing split up. We might do some of the things in the village while Elliott is resting.

Emmett wants to go fishing and Gavin would probably want to come along.. Gavin’s almost always super agreeable and will go along with whatever we decide to do.

The most important thing we needed to do down here was make it to Legoland, and we did that yesterday. At this point, Gavin’s a happy camper.

Hopefully, Elliott will be feeling better either later today or tomorrow. We want to hit Universal Studios and maybe SeaWorld before we leave.

We aren’t going to cram in as much as we can because we’re already dealing with some issues related to Autism and I’ll talk about that later.

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