Never take this shit for granted -

Never take this shit for granted

We’ve made tentative plans to have the boys spend the night with my parents because we may have to leave for the Cleveland Clinic around 6 AM.

I’ve reached out to our case manager for an update and I’m waiting to hear back.

Something that’s really important to me is that we always stay on the same page as our parents, when it comes to watching the kids.

When they are kind enough to watch the kids for us, we make it a priority to keep them up to speed on any changes to our plans, even if they’re only potential.

I think it’s just a courtesy that they deserve because they are helping us out in a big way and I don’t like springing any changes on them if it can be avoided.

Always remember to never take help or family for granted. This shit is much more challenging on your own.

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Becky Wiren

I’m glad you have them, Rob.

Rob Gorski

Thanks Becky. I wish everyone did.

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