Unboxing a special surprise from @Hexbug

Today’s unboxing video is sponsored by the amazing people over at Hexbug. They sent over a big box of surprises to open up on camera and help raise a little Autism Awareness as we do it.

The included Autism Awareness lesson was quite appropriate for this particular situation and you can learn from the current mistakes of a veteran Autism parent. lol

Did You Know:

Kids with Autism often struggle with significant levels of anxiety. Anticipating anything, good or bad can cause a great deal of anxiety for many on the Autism Spectrum.

Hexbugs are an amazing creation and perfect for any kid that likes robots. We’ve had Hexbugs in our house for years and they are one of the kids favorite things. We’ve also found the Hexbug Nano’s to be lots of fun with our ferrets. The ferrets love hunting and chasing them all over the house. The kids get such a kick out of it.

The only downside is that they run on batteries. The more fun you have, the more batteries you will go through. We bought a bunch on Amazon last Christmas, paid like $20 and we still have tons left.

If you’ve not yet experienced Hexbugs, check them out. They’re totally worth it.

Check out the unboxing and then you can scroll through the pictures below. The pictures go into more detail of each individual item included within the main box. Enjoy and please leave your constructive thoughts in the comments below. ☺


[foogallery id=”67494″]

Rob Gorski

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