The two youngest never feel asleep

The two youngest never feel asleep

It was a fun night and by fun I mean awful. Neither Elliott or Emmett ever fell asleep last night. Emmett was in a really weird place and I’m not sure what’s going on with him.

All of a sudden, he’s terrifed of the closet in his room but can’t explain why. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything we can do to comfort him. He’s asked us to remove the closet door and hang drywall over the opening so it’s just a wall when we’re done.

That’s simply not an option.

Even if we played along and made the closet disappear behind a wall, he’d still know it was there. He’s just in a weird place right now and I’m hoping we can help him work through this.

As for Elliott, he’s too worked up over Christmas being just around the corner. He’s dealing with anxiety/excitement and it kept him up all night.

Gavin on the other hand is quite excited about Christmas himself but he slept like a baby. At least he’s getting some rest and the excitement isn’t dictating his sleep wake cycles. lol

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