(Poll) Did you gain guardianship of your child with #Autism when they turned 18?

I understand going into this poll that it may offend some people, especially those with Autism. Please understand that it’s not meant to be offensive in any way. This clearly doesn’t apply to everyone and it’s not meant to be a blanket statement about people with Autism.

I’m very much aware that there are so many people with Autism who do incrediblely well on their own, while others may need a little help. That’s awesome.

At the same time, there are some kids with Autism who aren’t so lucky, my oldest happens to be one of them. Gavin turned 18 this past January and is not capable of making any major decisions in his life. He can’t function in society and will live with us going forward. I know this isn’t unique to Gavin and there are parents out there trying to figure how to handle life after 18. My wife and I are among them.

This question is pretty straightforward but it’s a sensitive subject.

Please be as honest as possible and again, know this is only meant to provide insight into what challenges families are facing. This isn’t always necessary but sometimes it is and it’s something that can be difficult to navigate.

(Poll) Did you gain guardianship of your child with Autism when they turned 18?

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