Nothing quite like getting kicked when you’re already down – Page 2

Nothing quite like getting kicked when you’re already down

I was able to turn around and head home. We were only about 25 minutes into the drive.

We get home and I’m already feeling like shit, when I walk up to the front door and see that Dominion East Ohio had shut our fucking gas off.

It’s 20°F and our house is cold to begin with.

We’ve had our utilities shut off in the past and I’ve been very honest about that. Life is a struggle and it’s not easy to keep up with the everyday type things, when all the special needs demands take up every last ounce of time and energy I have.

What made this particularly upsetting is that I had spoken with them on November 28th. I wanted to double check the minimum amount that I needed to pay. Money’s impossibly tight and I sometimes have to do the bare minimum, which is better than nothing at all.

It’s not something I’m proud of but it’s the reality I live in.

The woman I spoke with on the 28th explained that the amount due was roughly $700 that was the minimum amount due. She then said that the winter program is active and that means I only needed to pay $175.00 in order to keep the gas on through the first of the year.

I did that but also explained that I would be paying a little extra because I wanted to make some progress. She said it was no problem and so I made a $250 payment. I made sure to do things exactly as instructed because I wanted to make sure nothing got shut off and I was grateful for what I felt was catching a break.

She told me that I was good and since my payment was over the $175.00 mark, it would automatically trigger the program.

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Casey Barrett

It’s harder to get kicked down when you’re in the middle of pulling yourself up.


Oh man…. Too bad Lizzie wasn’t able to get in touch with you before they shut it off. Perhaps dispatch could have called the workers before they turned it off. Hopefully it gets turned back on quickly

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