Trying to dad-gineer Emmett's Halloween costume early this year -

Trying to dad-gineer Emmett’s Halloween costume early this year

I wanted to do a quick update in regards to figuring out the boys Halloween costumes for this year. It’s a bit of a challenge because they are very particular but I’m making progress. This is really important to them this year and I suspect it’s a positive distraction.

Elliott and Emmett want to go as Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively.

At the moment, I’m focusing on Emmett’s costume because it’s going to require some dad-gineering. The most important piece of Emmett’s costume for him is the first blade. If you’ve ever watched Supernatural, you’re familiar with what that is. If you’re not, here’s a picture.

You might need to zoom in a bit but you get the idea. This is super important to Emmett and the cheapest knockoff we could find was over $60 and that’s way too much for a one time use costume accessory.

We paid a visit to the Halloween store and picked up something for Elliot, which I’ll share later and two items for Emmett that he wants to combine to create his version of the first blade.

I did a really poor mockup in photoshop. My battery was dying, so I needed to make it quick. Don’t judge, I’m actually decent with Photoshop.

Basically, we’re going to combine the handle of one with the blade of the other and bam, a sorta accurate version of a homemade first blade.

There’s a bit too much curve but it’s the closest we could find to a long jawbone. 😉

Once everything is cut and put together, there will be some finishing touches that will need to be done but I’m looking forward to working on this with him.

We also have some nice people sending the kids some Supernatural replicas as well. I’ll share their information once I get permission to do so. The boys are pretty excited and I think this is going to be fun. It’s not going to be perfect and hopefully, my little perfectionist will be okay with close.

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