Changing the lives of kids with critical illness (feat. Kate Mazelin of Give Kids The World) S3E8 -

Changing the lives of kids with critical illness (feat. Kate Mazelin of Give Kids The World) S3E8

This is a very special episode and one that’s very near and dear to my heart. While on our recent trip to Orlando, I had a chance to sit down for a face to face interview with Kate Mazelin, Marketing Director of Give Kids The World.

Give Kids The World is an amazing place where kids with terminal, life-threatening or serious health conditions, along with their families, can spend time, make memories and find hope.

Mine is one such family and we spent a week at Give Kids The World in 2017, when my oldest son has his wish granted.

Kate and I had an emotional discussion about what makes GKTW so special, why they do what they do and how they changed my family’s life.

About Kate Mazelin:

Kate Mazelin is the Marketing Director at Give Kids The World. Kate has been with the Village since 2014. Prior to working for the Village she was the Program Director at Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Inc. in Zionsville, Indiana.

Kate is a licensed therapeutic riding instructor, holds a certificate in mental health intervention and has worked with children on the autism spectrum since 2005.

At Give Kids The World, Kate is a part of a dedicated team whose goal is to build the Give Kids The World brand and to build a battalion of supporters willing to donate to, volunteer for, and advocate on behalf of the organization.   

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Twitter: @GKTWVillage



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This episode is brought to you by AngelSense. Wandering is a huge problem in the Autism community and it’s reached epidemic levels. AngelSense is working to save the lives of Autistic kids who wander, by empowering parents with GPS tracking tools that helps them to immediately intervene should an episode of elopement occur. Visit for more information.

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