Managing Depression on Lockdown (S3E12) -

Managing Depression on Lockdown (S3E12)

In this episode, I open up about how I’m managing my depression while I’m on total lockdown with my 3 Autistic kids. Those of us who live with mental health issues may find ourselves struggling more because of all that’s going on around us. I hope that my experience can help someone else.

Please remember that self-care is more important than ever. It’s not easy but we have to do our best to look after ourselves, especially during these turbulent and uncertain times.

Please listen and share it with anyone that could benefit.


I wanted to provide you with a list of reliable sources for information regarding COVID19. Facts, science medicine and accurate, truthful information matter now more than ever. These are some of the people and medical facilities that I trust and rely on for information about this pandemic. Please give them a follow.

Dr. Tara C. Smith

Professor, infectious disease epidemiologist



Cleveland Clinic



Mayo Clinic





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This episode is sponsored by Mightier. Mightier is an amazing program out of Harvard Medical and Boston Children’s. It uses video games to teach kids to emotionally self-regulate. Visit and find out more information, including how to get a free 30 day trial.

This episode is brought to you by Probably Genetic. Probably Genetics is helping me with my oldest, who suffers from multiple rare genetic diseases. Probably Genetic is helping me to find the answers to questions that have long gone unanswered. Probably Genetic specializes in identifying rare genetic diseases that often go undiagnosed, especially in children already diagnosed with Autism. They are on a mission to make full genetic sequencing accessible to those who need it. They significantly reduced the cost and drastically reduced the wait time as well. If you are one of the countless people in need of genetic testing, please visit to find out more and use the discount code “theautismdad400” to get $400 off. If you already had a whole exome or whole genome test done but didn’t get an answer, they can re-analyze your existing data. If you don’t have the data available, they’ll help you get it from your lab free of charge. You can join their re-analysis waitlist at”

Please take a minute and answer a few survey questions. This helps Probably Genetic better understand how best to help families like mine. Click Here

This episode is brought to you by AngelSense. Wandering is a huge problem in the Autism community and it’s reached epidemic levels. AngelSense is working to save the lives of Autistic kids who wander, by empowering parents with GPS tracking tools that helps them to immediately intervene should an episode of elopement occur. Visit for more information.

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Thank you for this, Rob. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you, being the only mature person in your home. My husband is at increased risk if he caught the virus, so that isn’t good. At the same time, since he’s changed his lifestyle after getting stents, he is a bit better.

Something struck me about you not sleeping, not taking melatonin. The thing I wonder is, if you take melatonin and can fall asleep easier, will it actually make your sons unsafe? I guess only you know how groggy it would make you if you needed to wake up. I don’t know the dose you would use, have you thought about just cutting it in half? Because it seems to me if you can get better sleep, then your overall function will improve.

Better functioning is good no matter what helps. I sort of get a sense after reading your blog and listening to your podcasts for years, that you feel a touch of shame to need drugs. I know you’ve gone off drugs because you want to manage your depression in a more natural way. And if that does the trick, GREAT. If not, drugs aren’t anything to feel bad over. I tried to manage my fibromyalgia through totally natural methods for years, and it literally sucked. I’m much better taking certain meds to manage pain. Anyway, my 2 cents.

Good luck to you and your family.

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