Accessibility for Those with Disabilities (feat. Meegan Winters) S4E2 -

Accessibility for Those with Disabilities (feat. Meegan Winters) S4E2

My guest today is Meegan Winters. She has a background in special education and is the founder of Able Eyes. Able Eyes is a state of the art platform that provides virtual tours for children and adults with disabilities for the purposes of accessibility. Meegan is here to talk about Able Eyes and how it’s helping the community. This is so cool and it’s completely free to use.

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About Meegan Winters:

Meegan Winters is the CEO/Co-Founder of Able Eyes. Her experience as a special education teacher teaching students with Autism paired with her real-life experiences having a best friend that was a wheelchair user (now an angel) sparked the idea behind what is now a nationwide business helping people of all abilities. 

About Able Eyes:

Able Eyes provides virtual tours of the inside of public spaces such as parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, and retail businesses for the purpose of accessibility. Virtual tours allow customers of all abilities an opportunity to explore beforehand to decrease anxiety, but more importantly, is a tool used by persons with disabilities to explore accessibility beforehand making new experiences more comfortable and easily navigated. 







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