The importance of taking time for yourself -

The importance of taking time for yourself

It’s been a fantastic weekend for a number of reasons. I want to briefly talk about this because it goes back to respite and selfcare. For the most part, the boys and I spent the weekend apart. We talked and texted throughout the weekend and I saw them briefly but we basically did our own things over the last few days.

Why is this worth bring up?

I want to take a moment and highlight how important things like respite and selfcare are. Both are important for any parent, but this is especially so when it comes to special needs parents.

The boys are I are together most of the time. Having time apart is not only healthy but it helps foster independence. Having time to myself to persue what makes me happy, benefits my physical and emotional health. When I’m in a good place both emotionally and physically, my kids do better because they’re getting the best version of me possible.

Having time away from me helps the kids to learn to navigate life while in a different environment. They gain social experience that they wouldn’t gain while at home. This is important, especially for kids on the autism spectrum.

I don’t always get much time to myself and I can’t remember the last time I had an entire weekend without my kids. While I did miss them a great deal, I also was able to do things that helped me to refill my physical and emotional bank accounts. The overall point being that I was able to take full advantage of the time off from my kids. I feel happy, stronger, less stressed, and ready to take on the week.

I know that I’m a parent and that’s a really important job. It comes with a great deal of responsibility. At the same time, I’m also human and my humanity demands that I take proper care of myself, in order to function. It’s a very delicate balance but one that matters significantly.

Doing for myself helps me to be more of what my kids need me to be.

As I’m beginning this new week, everyone under my roof is in a good place. I feel recharged and the kids are in a similar place as well. As much as I missed them, I needed this, and so did they.

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