5 Tips to Getting Ready for the Holidays

Who doesn’t love a good holiday season? Are you ready? If not, here are a few tips to help you start preparing for the holidays, so you can have an amazing time enjoying this time of the year:

Shop ahead of time

If you want to get ahead of things and make sure you find what you’re looking for, shop a month or two in advance. This goes for both holiday gifts as well as décor and wrapping paper. The last-minute rush isn’t fun, and you’ll find it doesn’t allow you to get the things you’re looking for. 

It’s okay to start playing holiday music in September if it encourages you to get ready for the holidays with plenty of time to spare—we won’t tell anyone. Also, when shopping online, ordering way before Christmas is one way to ensure that your gifts arrive on time. With everyone else shopping later in the year, you may find yourself waiting for a gift that doesn’t arrive when everyone’s opening their presents on Christmas morning.

Have fun with your holiday outfits

We like to dress fancy for the holidays, but you know what can be a fun way to celebrate Christmas? Christmas onesie pajamas! After all, Christmas is the holiday where you can be in pajamas for as long as you want, so why not go all out and get you and yours the best onesies around? Trust us: it will make for excellent holiday photographs. 

Put together a budget

As much as we all love the holidays, we also know just how much they can cost us. To avoid the stress of shopping for gifts and the cost of planning for multiple parties, start saving up for the holiday budget before the fall and winter seasons hit us. 

With every year bringing us Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, make an effort to get ahead of the rush of the season by preparing your budget as early as April whenever possible. This will help ensure you have enough to spend on a grand holiday season, whether you plan on buying inflatable costumes for Halloween or a big tree for Christmas. 

Delegate party planning

With multiple holidays and parties to plan, you could feel overwhelmed. If you are typically the party planner in the friend circle or your family, consider asking for help this season. If you can’t find someone to replace your role, consider hiring a party planner who can take the stress off your shoulders and help you enjoy the wonderful holidays.  

Get the holiday cards ready 

Wherever your friends may live, you can be sure they’d love to hear from you. What could be a better way to send holiday cheer than a beautiful Christmas card? It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your pup or your multiple children and spouse, a custom holiday card from a friend is a beautiful gesture and we’re always here for it! 

Whether you hire a holiday photographer or you take the pictures yourself and create the card online, you can be sure that your friends and family will love anything you send. It’s the thought that counts! 

In Conclusion

Whether you travel far away to celebrate with family or you stay home this season, preparing for the holiday season can help you plan a great time with those you love. Gift giving and shared dinners are only a couple of reasons why we love the holidays. 

Throughout all of the planning and preparation, don’t forget to enjoy the little things that make the holidays what they are: a time of generosity and connection! Happy holiday season 2021!

This is a contributed post and therefore may not reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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