Relationships and Communication (Feat. Dennis Procopio of MAN-UP! Life Coaching) S4E15 -

Relationships and Communication (Feat. Dennis Procopio of MAN-UP! Life Coaching) S4E15

My good friend and male life coach, Dennis Procopio is back. Dennis is the man behind MAN-UP! Life Coaching and over the ten-plus years, he’s helped hundreds and hundreds of guys get unstuck and become better versions of themselves. He’s here today to discuss how men and women communicate, experience emotions, and approach relationships in different ways. This will not only help the guys out there but also their partners who are trying to better understand them. As someone who’s recently re-entered the world of dating after over 20 years, I can definitely use the insight and advice. I know there are so many guys out there struggling to navigate some of these things and we’re here to help.

I have learned so much from my conversations with Dennis and he’s helping me become a better version of myself. He can do the same for you or the man in your life. You can connect with Dennis and schedule a FREE strategy session at

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Today’s Conversation

About Dennis:

As the founder of Man-UP! Life Coaching (MULC), I’m often asked about my background and how I got into the profession of coaching men.

That’s a long story that I will begin to answer below, but the one quick thing I can say about myself as a coach is this:

After 30-some-odd years experience, there’s no work that I would rather do. There’s no greater reward for me than helping another men to become their best self.

Previous Conversations with Dennis

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