Is It Time You Saw The Dentist?

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There are all kinds of dental treatments that you can invest in to improve your smile. Below are some of the top types of treatment that could be worth looking into and what you can expect from this treatment.

Teeth whitening

Many of us have discolored teeth and are conscious about it. While there are home teeth whitening remedies such as toothpastes and strips, the most effective solution is likely to be professional teeth whitening. Veneers are a traditional form of teeth whitening – these are small white tooth-colored shells that are fitted over the existing tooth. Veneers can last many years and can help to cover up chips and cracks on top of hiding discoloration. Laser teeth whitening is a more modern option. This option does not have as lasting an effect, however it is also cheaper than veneers, so could be worth considering if you’re on a tighter budget.


If your teeth are misaligned, you may have considered getting braces fitted. Most people get braces when they are a child or teenager, however you can get them at any age. In fact, it’s becoming a lot more popular for adults to get braces as a result of the invention of invisible braces. These braces do not rely on metal wiring going around the outside of the teeth and can look almost invisible to most people. Of course, other styles may be better suited to you – it’s worth exploring different styles of braces with the help of an orthodontist. 

Fillings and crowns

If you’ve got tooth decay, it’s recommended that you get a filling or a crown fitted. Cavities can continue to let in bacteria which may eventually reach the root of the tooth and possibly even kill off the nerve. Before getting a filling or crown fitted, a dentist may recommend root canal treatment to remove any decay that may be affecting the pulp within the tooth. This will help to prevent any further decay. Many modern fillings and crowns can be made to blend in with your tooth – it could be worth looking into these types of fillings if you don’t want metal fillings. 

Dental implants

Are you missing a tooth? Or perhaps a tooth is severely broken? Dental implants could be the solution. These are artificial teeth that can replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures that are removable, implants are fixed into your gums. They are designed to resemble any surrounding teeth so that they look like normal teeth. Consider finding a dentist that specializes in reconstructions to carry out this treatment. 

Professional cleaning

Many people experience build-ups of plaque called ‘tartar’ which cannot be easily brushed away. These are most common around the backs of the teeth if you have not been brushing them properly. If you think you may have tartar build-up on the back of your teeth, it could be worth scheduling an appointment with a dental hygienist to carry out some professional cleaning. This could be important for preventing tooth decay and gingivitis. 

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