What Are the Benefits of a Montessori Education for My Child?

Did you know that up to 200,000 children were going to Montessori schools last year? 

This style of teaching is becoming a popular alternative to public schools since it focuses more on the children. 

If you are looking for the best school type for your child, you should learn about some of the benefits of this teaching style. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of Montessori education for your children to make a choice! 

Child-Centered Learning 

One of the largest benefits of Montessori education is that it is child-centered. 

This type of learning involves using the children as a starting point for building lessons. As teachers discover your child’s interests and learning style, they design their course. This is a helpful form of teaching since each child has their own interests and pace of learning. 

Children have much more fun learning this way and often show a greater interest in the lessons. This makes teaching much easier and children can absorb info better. 

Stages of Childhood 

Instead of having 12 grades for each student to go through, there are 4 areas of growth. 

The parts of development include infancy, childhood, teen, and adulthood. Most parents get their children into these schools at an early age, between ages 0 to 6. This is an important time when children learn basic skills for language and movement. 

If you want a smart student, your child will do well in this classroom since they won’t be stressed. This school is not about comparing your child to the others. Instead of grades getting compared to other students, they are graded on improvement with themselves. 

Improves Social Skills

Montessori schools are more than just a building for learning— they are also a community.

Your child will have a safe and welcoming place where playing is key. Social skills are often practiced in these settings. The teachers use SEL learning to help children deal with feelings and work with others. 

The way that children build these social skills is through playing and projects in the classroom. Instead of using quiet time, the teachers let children talk while doing fun tasks. 

Guide Students With Discipline

Increased independence has been shown to help self-discipline amongst students. 

Children get more chances to learn when they can discover the cause and effects on their own. Montessori students make great choices with behavior and need fewer cues from adults. As children learn more about the world around them, they understand that something might look fun but could hurt themselves or others. 

Adding choices helps them with learning since they are less scared of lessons. Students feel more confident and able to use their skills to solve a problem. 

Organization & Order 

These schools may sound like a playroom and free-for-all for students, but order still plays a role. 

With each child learning at their own pace, teachers need to organize the info they give. One student may be learning one lesson while another hasn’t gotten to that level because they are focused on other skill sets. The teachers create custom lesson plans that follow your child’s interests. 

Another way that teachers use organization and order in the classroom is with the layout. The furniture, toys, and tables are all set up with the idea of helping children learn and talk. 

Creativity Flows 

When children fill their days with problem-solving and projects, they build their creativity.

Imagination and curiosity grow with this style of education. This is because children aren’t taught how to think. Each child can explore a topic and ask questions without judgment from other kids or slowing down the lesson plans. 

Montessori classrooms are also safe places for learning. Students feel welcomed by their classmates and aren’t afraid to learn with them and discover. Playing increases creativity since children see life from different views and learn lessons along the way. 

Children Have Fun 

Children don’t like being told when to be quiet, especially when they are excited about something.

It’s common for students to get shut down in public schools when they show an interest in something. This is because it slows down the lesson plans and gets other students off task. Children have a lot more fun in the classroom, however, when they can explore their interests.

With hands-on play and activities, children start to love learning. This helps them throughout their entire education. 

If you want to discover more about the children’s experience, you can ask during a tour. Most of the artwork and games get displayed to encourage play for the children. It’s common for kids to find these schools to be exciting and fun, especially once they see all of the colors and toys. 

Encourages Independence

From tying their shoes to studying, your child will gain independence with private education. 

This type of school encourages independence by letting children ask questions and explore the answers. When children have more of a say in what and how they learn, they increase their independence and develop at a faster rate. 

Even if you feel like your child struggles with doing things on their own, they could thrive in this type of classroom. 

Will Your Child Love Montessori Education? 

If you don’t think the public schools will be the right fit for your child, Montessori education is an excellent choice. 

Montessori schools focus on child-centered learning where the teachers use natural lessons. Not only do children increase independence with this type of school, but they also communicate better. Interacting with other children through play is an essential part of each day. 

Don’t be afraid to tour a local school with your child to ensure that they will be happy. 

Read our blog for more info about the education industry and how you can help your child learn! 

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