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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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#Autism and Anxiety: Interfering with life

Elliott is so extremely anxious that he is literally an emotional ticking time bomb. He hates school now because,  well honestly,  I don’t know why. We literally have to carry him,  kicking and screaming to the car. There isn’t anything going on at school that would explain this.  I think he literally counts the minutes …

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Gavin’s EEG: All done

Gavin’s EEG was a success.  We don’t have the results or know what anything means yet.  However,  we have an appointment with the neurologist soon and we’ll find out then. The experience for Gavin wasn’t a bad one.  I don’t see Elliott doing well with any of this. He won’t tolerate this well and probably …

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Gavin’s EEG: All hooked up

Gavin is officially hooked up and ready to go.  He did a great job.  In fact,  she said she wishes all her patients did this well. Great job Gavin.  Now I wait 2 hours for the test to be finished.  🙁 I’m so freaking tired right now…..

Gavin’s EEG: I can stay

Gavin is currently getting hooked up to the EEG machine. They are sooooo nice and understanding.  I can stay with Gavin but he’s fine and so I’ll hang in the waiting room for a few hours. The really good news is that I can actually help out with Elliott test on Monday. Thank God for …

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Gavin’s EEG: Way to freaking early

Gavin and I have arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital. It’s about 5:35 am and the building we are in is deserted at this hour. I had to call to let then know we were here. I’m not sure if they are going to let me go back with him. Lizze said that she thinks I …

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Gavin’s EEG

I have to have Gavin at Akron Children’s Hospital in about 5 hours, for his scheduled EEG. The test isn’t supposed to take very long but holy crap, is that going to an early day or what. Lizze and Emmett are both under the weather, so they will probably sleep for most of the morning. …

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