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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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#Autism, Bullying and Girl Scout Cookies

Elliott and Gavin are at their grandparents house until tomorrow. Emmett,  while still a handful,  is a bit more manageable when he’s alone. Emmett is in the middle, or rather the beginning of a flare up so he is a real pleasure to be around. Right now,  all the boys together is a really bad …

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Progress is progress, right?

At age 3 and approaching age 4, Emmett still doesn’t tolerate clothes most of the time.  OT has been working hard to help with this and we have seen some improvement.  For example,  shoes and socks aren’t as difficult for him anymore.  He’ll take them off the second he gets the chance but he tolerates …

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Inside voices please

Sweet merciful Mary are my kids loud. We have had their hearing tested and that’s not the problem.  I guess it’s like a regulatory thing. I’m constantly saying,  “inside voices please”.  It doesn’t seem to make any lasting impression.  Right now,  Emmett is probably the loudest,  followed by Elliott in second and Gavin a close …

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It’s not selfish, it’s survival

As I’m sure you can imagine,  Lizze and I don’t get out much. What I mean by that is we don’t get out by ourselves very often. It’s tough not to be able to spend some alone time with your spouse or partner because you’re always wrapped up in the kids. Last year we had …

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Go big or go home

I have no idea what is going on with my kids but they are literally bouncing off the walls.  Sometimes when people say that they are speaking figuratively. However,  when I say that tonight I assure you,  I’m speaking literally.  They are running around,  jumping and screaming and have been doing this since they got …

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#Autism and water jugs

The title of this post may sound a bit strange but let me explain. I have shared many time that I try to incorporate beneficial life lessons in otherwise routine things.  I call them Everyday Lessons.  Today I want to share something about Autism and Water Jugs. You might be asking yourself,  what in the …

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