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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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Not a good day

This is not a good day. Gavin has been all over the place and is continuing to drive me crazy. During one of his recent meltdowns, Gavin cracked his bed frame. Today however, he finished the job and actually broke it. For safety reasons, Gavin will once again have a mattress on the floor. No …

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Managing Meltdowns

I thought this was something that might benefit other families so I decided that I would share it here on Lost and Tired.  If you are a regular reader then you have probably already seen many of the videos I have posted pertaining to my oldest son, Gavin, and his meltdowns. For many years we …

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Better late than never

It never seems like Christmas without snow,  at least here in Ohio. Mother Nature was a few days late when it came to the snowfall,  but better late than never…right? Incidentally,  this is the weather that truly keeps Lizze down. The cold weather is really bad for her arthritis and her muscle pain.  She really …

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The Monkey Dance

Alright,  the day has already started to go downhill.  I went into the bathroom this morning and found a mess.  It had all the hallmark signs of Gavin being responsible.  I simply asked him about it and he immediately began,  what I’m going to call the Monkey Dance. He began jumping up and down,  all …

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Family Night out

I posted something earlier about “breaking the cycle”.  In order to try and get everyone in a better place,  I decided that we would all go out to dinner. My goal was to remove everyone from the chaos long enough to hopefully break up the tension and allow everyone to get into a better place. …

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Today’s Victory: 12/27/2011

Today’s Victory is brought to you by Elliott and Emmett.  Despite all the fallout from the holidays,  they actually got along for a little bit this afternoon. They were playing Sonic Generations together on the PS3.  They were taking turns and working together to get further in the game.?? It was a pleasant change from …

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