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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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Major Eruption

So today is jeans day at Gavin's school. Gavin doesn't like jean so we got permission for him to wear his tan cargo pants. Gavin came down this morning in some camouflage pants. He can't wear those because the bother some of the other kids (it's a pattern thing). All I did was explain that …

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Emmett John

On the Emmett John front we made some progress. He has finally begun using some of the signs we are teaching him. He signed "daddy" last night. It was amazing!!! We won't get into the children's hospital until March. His ped. Is working to get him in quicker. Lost and Tired Sent on the Sprint® …

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Heartbroken tonight

I am laying next to Emmett John singing to him and he keeps digging at his ears.  Then he takes my finger and puts it in his ear.  It was like he was say “daddy please fix my ears”. I cried…

Another Day

Gavin had a pretty good morning all things considered. Lizze and I are trying to keep it together in light of all we have going on. We keep wondering what happened. He passed his hearing test when he was born. What happened between now and then to cause his hearing loss? There are 2 likely …

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How are you supposed to cope with any of this stuff. As a parent I feel like a complete failure, like I missed something. How does this even happen. I have so many questions. Has Emmett John ever heard my voice? Did we do something wrong? I’m trying to remain focused on helping him but I feel helpless. …

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Today’s entertainment

Emmett John and Gavin both have their appts right now. We split up and I took Gavin while she took Emmett John to the audiologist to find out more about his hearing problems. Sitting here I just realized Gavin is due for a few shots. This is a very difficult task to complete. It goes …

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