Today’s Victory: 03/01/2012

Today’s Victory is brought to you by Emmett John.  This one is a pretty big deal and I want to see if you folks can see this picture is so cool.  Keep in mind that Emmett has major sensory issues while viewing the picture and tell me what you think.  🙂

Meeting the attorney this morning

Lizze and I are off to meet with our new attorney.  We have decided to fight for her disability.  It was put in place for people like her. The attorney we are going to work with is going to help us with the appeals process.  He only gets paid when we win and only get …

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Way to freaking early

Today started very early for the Lost and Tired family.  Emmett got up about 4:30 this morning and wouldn’t go back to bed. I’m sure that part of the problem was that he wasn’t feeling good. This is not the best way to start the day….

#Autism and Animals: The Amazing Victory

Sometimes the stars align and we have a victory. Today was one such day. I introduced you all to Bella, the newest member of the Lost and Tired family. I talked about how she seems to be helping Emmett with a few of his challenges. I know this may not be the case for everyone …

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#Autism, PFAPA and a Sinus Infection

Lizze and my littlest minion Emmett,  have arrived home from the doctors.  Apparently,  it was a good thing we took him in because he has a nasty sinus infection.  I looks like antibiotics will be on the menu tonight and for the next 10 days. Hopefully, this will help him to feel better.  Our doctors …

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Things can change in minutes

In the 5 minutes that past since I last posted about all we had left to do today,  our plans have changed. Lizze just called to tell me that the rest of the day has been canceled.  Dr. Reynolds went home sick and Dr.  Pattie has an emergency.  I hope both of them are okay.  …

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