The Lighter Side of #Autism: Peek-a-boo

Along with all the heartache and struggle the Lost and Tired family faces on a daily basis, we also experience a much lighter side to #Autism as well. I want to share some of these moments with all of you. I think it’s important to paint as accurate a picture of our lives as possible …

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#Autism: Fun Dirt

One of the most difficult parts of raising a child with #Autism is the sensory issues. With three boys on the spectrum,  we have our share of challenges. One that’s proves to be consistently challenging is Emmett’s fear or dislike of getting dirt on his shoes? He’s made some progress lately,  with the arrival of …

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Another day, another trip to the doctors

Lizze and Emmett are on their way to the pediatrician’s office to get Emmett checked out. He isn’t getting any better and we think he may have strep throat now as well. Whatever he has, has spread to the other boys and that makes three special needs kids, all sick at one time, under the …

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Today’s Victory: 03/22/2012

Today’s Victory is brought to you by amazing wife,  Lizze.  I meant to do this yesterday but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. I want to share how proud of her I am and what better way to do that than with Today’s Victory. As you all know,  Lizze has been struggling with health issues …

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It’s said they come in threes

I think most of us have heard the saying, they come in threes. I’m hear to say that there is definitely some truth behind those words,  at least as far as the Lost and Tired family is concerned. As you know,  Elliott and Emmett are both sick and running fevers.  However,  as we were getting …

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Wednesday Night Fever

I’m sooooo friggin’ tired. Between Emmett and now Elliott,  sleep was had by none.  Elliott is running a fever this morning,  most likely courtesy of Mr.  Emmett John. I’m pretty sure I saw it written somewhere that if you have special needs kids,  only one child can be sick at a time. If that isn’t …

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