#Autism, Anxiety and Risperdal: Day 6

Today is day 6 of Elliott’s journey with Risperdal.  For those new to the Lost and Tired blog,  Elliott struggles with rather extreme levels of anxiety. His anxiety had reached a point that it was/is interfering with his life, not to mention,  driving those around him crazy.  The poor kid worried about everything and we …

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Manic Monday: 03/19/2012

  Welcome to Manic Monday. Once again Monday has arrived. Not only has it arrived, but it came baring gifts. The Lost and Tired family doesn’t usually enjoy Mondays and for good reason, they almost always suck. Manic Monday is really the best way to describe the way things go for us. Monday is sort of a launching …

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#Autism, Communication and Not Feeling Well

Emmett woke up this morning with a really nasty cough.  In fact,  he’s coughing to the point that he is dry heaving. We suspect that it’s post nasal drip nut he has also has a fever of 101.4°F and rising. Because of Emmett’s communication struggles,  we don’t what’s going on as he can’t tell us.  …

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Hello Monday, we meet again

In keeping with the Lost and Tired family tradition of chaotic Monday’s,  this was brought to my attention this morning. Out of nowhere,  Gavin tells us,  “while I was at Grandma’s house,  I was standing at the top of the steps.  I got really dizzy and I fell over.  I couldn’t get back up because …

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#Autism, Seizures and EEG’s

You may recall that Elliott and Gavin both had EEG’s done a couple of weeks ago. If you remember that,  then you may also remember that we have been waiting for the results. Tomorrow morning,  the wait will finally be over. On Tuesday of this week, we will once again return Akron Children’s Hospital,  Neurological …

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#Autism: Seize the moment and teach something cool

Something that I think is really important to do is teach my kids to overcome their fears.  Today,  I found a baby snake outside, in Ohio and in the month of March. Actually,  Bella and I both found it. I wanted to use this opportunity to teach my kids about snakes. Everyone was afraid of …

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