Emmett started Physical Therapy today

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Emmett began Physical Therapy (PT)  this afternoon.  We have been waiting for this for a while now.  He basically had almost 2 hours of therapy today. He began with OT.  Then he went to speech and finally PT.  He did really well and is throughly exhausted.  You would think that… Read more »

Frustrated Much?

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I’m absolutely frustrated with Gavin.  I’m very aware that majority of my frustrations revolve around behaviors that are outside of Gavin’s control. However,  just because they aren’t his fault doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating and exhausting. I’m making the conscious decision to be honest about this because if I’m not, … Read more »

Flushing a good day down the toilet

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Today was going pretty well until a few minutes ago.  First,  Gavin comes downstairs and wants to know if he can shut the door to Elliott’s bedroom because it’s giving him scary thoughts.  In layman’s terms,  he’s seeing things again.  This is not good.. Elliott was already sleeping on the… Read more »