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My wife has a new article up at the Examiner. Please check it out. LT

A parent of autism

I’ve been a parent to an autistic child for about 9 years. I’ve been through it all before so I should know what to expect but I don’t. For some reason it feels like the first time again. All the uncertainty, fear and feelings of guilt have all come back. I wonder what I did …

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Mentally preparing for today.

In 2 hours Emmett John will begin his evaluation for autism. Up to this point it has all been speculation so we really didn’t have anything to deal with emotionally. After today however, things will be made much more real. As much as I try I just don’t see us coming out the other side …

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More health issues

Lizze just got back from the doctor. They want to do a sleep study now because they think she is narcoleptic. This is because she falls asleep right in the middle of doing something. I just assumed she was tired but apparently the meds she is on shouldn’t be causing the sleeping stuff. So for …

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Autism Awareness Month

As you are all aware this is Autism Awareness Month. I would like to know why I don’t see or hear anything about it in my area. I live in northeast ohio and there has been nothing. Maybe it’s just because it has struck my family that I am more aware but I would have …

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Tuesday is a very big day.

Tuesday afternoon about 2:30pm we have “Help me grow” coming over to evaluate Emmett John. This is the next step in completing the diagnostic process. They are basicly going to interview us and interact with him. At the end of the session they will tell us if they think there is a need to continue. …

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