Autism at the holiday’s

So today we are celebrating Thanksgiving with my family cause my mom will be working on Thanksgiving.  I knew it was a bad idea to think we could actually go some where for the holiday’s. Anyway, Emmett John is ALL over the place and we are the ones that have to chase him around. We …

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Please say prayer

We have another battle ahead of us. At this point I’m hoping we can still avoid this conflict but our past just keeps rearing its ugly head… When you have special needs kids you try to avoid conflict as much as possible. Not only do you not have the energy for everyday life now you …

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The new “Fit 4 Autism” logo is here……

So I have been trying to put together a logo for “Fit 4 Autism”. A friend of mine from high school stepped up to help me out. Denise isactually very talented and had some really good designs. While we were trying to figure out the final draft I had an idea and it kind of …

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Lost and Tired has some big blog related news

Lost and Tired was selected to be part of a blog tour for a new book on Autism. I feel quite honored to have been selected for this. I won’t reveal anything just yet but check back sometime Sunday morning. I may even get to give-a-way a copy of the book.

“Triple P” Parenting

Akron Children’s Hospital went really well today. We learned a lot but were left with a lot of questions. 1 step at a time I suppose. Everyone had a pretty good day except Lizze. She was struggling today. She was in a lot of pain. She still has the same migraine she had last week …

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Check out my Blackberry Ebay Auction 10% goes to Autism Charity in Ohio

I have an opportunity to sell a BRAND NEW sprint Blackberry Style (9670). If you are interested check it out on ebay here. We could really use the money to help with everything we have going on and we are donating 10% directly to The Northeast Ohio Autism Group. If you are in the market for a new Blackberry …

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