Heat and sensory issues

When summer rolls around so do new problems. Gavin has major sensory issues. The one that concerns us the most during the summer is that he’s always cold. Right now there is a heat advisory out. Gavin will wear sweat pants, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt over that and then a hoody. …

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Another No Sleep Kind of Night

Last night was a rough one. No one wanted to sleep. Lizze was restless all night and later moved to the couch. EJ woke up at 4am to the sound of ER screaming. It was all down hill from there. Today is a very busy, especially for Lizze. She has back to back to back …

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Super Trooper

I really have to give Gavin credit. As much pain as he has to be in he’s doing great. He’s not rubbing his eye or being all dramatic. I told him yesterday after he hurt it and was flinging himself around that we can’t help him unless he’s under control. Today has been a great …

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Gavin’s eye

Here is a picture of Gavin’s eye. It looks really painful but he’s doing really well today. I’m very proud of him. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry: LT

Gavins Home

They just got home a little while ago. The eye doc said that his eye is definitely not looking real good. He said there really isn’t anything we can do right now but wait and let it heal. Gavin is making it worse with the rubbing though and that has to stop. Luckily him new …

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Lizze has Gavin at the doctors for his eye follow up. I’m just copying and pasting what she wrote on her blog. it will be easier. “Dr. H just left. He’s either┬ávery stressed or he saw something he didn’t like but isn’t sharing the news with me. He checked out Gavin’s eye and corneal abrasion, …

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