The Midwest Represented in The Middle

Posted by Dorian Compton The Middle is a comedy show that I enjoy on Direct TV hd programming. It tells the story of a middle class family living in the Midwest region of the Unites States and facing the usual problems that a family usually would. This includes children trying to become their own person, …

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Autism is taking it’s toll

Elliott Richard is having major anxiety issues. He is so stressed out that he’s breaking out in hives (Lizze does the same thing). ER is our “typical” child. While he’s most likely very high functioning Asperger’s unless you knew what you were looking for you would never know it. He is very well adjusted and …

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Autism or side effect?

So Gavin keeps peeing his pants. I will be taking the advice received about setting the timer. That’s a great idea. The concern right now is whether or not this is a side effect to the Lithium. Loss of bladder control can be a side effect to Lithium. Gavin goes back to Dr. R this …

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Absolutely disgusting. Must read

This is absolutely disgusting. How do these “people” get the responsibility and privilege of teaching our precious children. The need for Autism Awareness is greater then ever. READ

The 10 year old toddler

This article is about the struggles that special needs parents face in dealing with the gap between chronological and emotional age of their Autistic child/children.. Check it out. The 10 year old toddler As always, every time you you subscribe to or even click to view my work you are helping to support the Lost and Tired …

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Oatmeal it is then

Gavin has been “talking” to Elliott Richard again. This time he told ER that he used to have a cat but it died. Then went on to tell ER that the cat was in his room and 2 dogs came in and ripped it to pieces. This never happened. We had a cat that died …

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