The 10 year old toddler

This article is about the struggles that special needs parents face in dealing with the gap between chronological and emotional age of their Autistic child/children.. Check it out. The 10 year old toddler As always, every time you you subscribe to or even click to view my work you are helping to support the Lost and Tired …

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Oatmeal it is then

Gavin has been “talking” to Elliott Richard again. This time he told ER that he used to have a cat but it died. Then went on to tell ER that the cat was in his room and 2 dogs came in and ripped it to pieces. This never happened. We had a cat that died …

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Problems with “accidents”

The past few months Gavin has been “forgetting” to use the potty. He simply pee’s his pants or worse he poop’s his pants. He apparently would rather do that then stop playing and go to the bathroom. This explains Gavin’s um, odor. I haven’t a clue how to correct this. The only thing I can …

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Challenging week ahead

We have a very busy week ahead. This weekend has been exhausting for me. Gavin has the cardiologist, Emmett John has the geneticist, Lizze has her sleep study and Elliott Richard had Dr. Patti. There is more then that but what I know for sure. I’m laying here at 3am not able to sleep and …

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Rings of Maggie

[youtube width=”480″ height=”320″][/youtube] Maggie playing tug-of-war with her new “indestructible” pull toy. For some reason I don’t think this one will last either.

Gavin: A crisis update

Gavin is still in a crisis state but more stable. All of his new medications are currently being taken, including the Lithium. His facial ticks are still getting progressively worse to the point that the muscles under his jaw are cramping. I feel bad for him because it can’t feel good. He still appears to be hearing …

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