Autism: The Next Step In Human Evolution?

Disclaimer: I don’t endorse this theory in any way. I just found it interesting and thought I share and get some opinions. I’ll post links to the articles as soon as I can. Link 1 Link 2 (Just 2 of the links I found all opinion pieces) I was reading today online and came across …

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Sensory Socks

Emmett John has many sensory issues. The worst of which right now revolves around his clothes. He can’t stand the way clothes feel most of the time. He doesn’t like the seams in his socks and so we are constantly taking them off and putting them back on (at his request) because they feel uncomfortable. …

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Amazing Video. Autistic Artistic

You have to see this to believe it. [youtube][/youtube] LT

Going for a ride

They look peaceful enough but they battled to see who was sitting where. LT Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry: LT

Does your autistic child earn an allowance?

Allowance. Does your autistic child earn an allowance? If our main goal is to give them as normal life as possible making and managing money will be important. Obviously, each situation is different but I do feel that it’s also a very important lesson we can teach them. We need to revisit the idea with …

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Heat and sensory issues

When summer rolls around so do new problems. Gavin has major sensory issues. The one that concerns us the most during the summer is that he’s always cold. Right now there is a heat advisory out. Gavin will wear sweat pants, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt over that and then a hoody. …

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