Meet Miss Maggie

Let me introduce Miss. Maggie Sue. She is our English Staffy. Maggie is pushing 3 years of age. We rescued her 1.5 years ago. She had been seized in a raid of a major fighting dog ring. She has cigarette burns in various places and spent most of her life in a cage. We found …

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2 peas in a pod

Elliott Richard and Emmett John are camping out on the couch being distracted from Gavin’s horrific meltdown. I share that experience later when things settle down. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry: LT

Struggling with Sensory Issues

Struggling with sensory issues. Emmett John is having a rough time. All of his clothes seem to be uncomfortable for him. We are going to have to replace all his clothes with sensory friendly versions and they don’t come cheap. We are hoping his FSS funds will help to cover the cost. I feel so …

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Autism Complicates Many Things

Autism makes so many things more difficult. Gavin eye doesn’t appear to be getting better. In fact he’s going in tomorrow because he hasn’t been eating since he got hurt. That’s a huge warning flag for Gavin. In our case Gavin’s Autism amongst other things makes him an unreliable source of information. He can’t give …

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Autism: The Next Step In Human Evolution?

Disclaimer: I don’t endorse this theory in any way. I just found it interesting and thought I share and get some opinions. I’ll post links to the articles as soon as I can. Link 1 Link 2 (Just 2 of the links I found all opinion pieces) I was reading today online and came across …

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Sensory Socks

Emmett John has many sensory issues. The worst of which right now revolves around his clothes. He can’t stand the way clothes feel most of the time. He doesn’t like the seams in his socks and so we are constantly taking them off and putting them back on (at his request) because they feel uncomfortable. …

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