Medication follow up.

We received a call from Gavin’s doctor tonight. The blood work came back and we have to raise Gavin’s depakote again. He now takes 1000mg in the am and 500mg in the pm. This doubles his morning dose. We go back in a week for blood work and medication tweaking. I’m pretty sure we are getting close to …

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Gavin had an interesting day. By interesting I mean bad. I am becoming more frustrated with Gavin’s school situation as a whole. We get a summary of his day, every day. They use moon’s as the behavior grading system. Full moon is great and new moon is bad. So when we ask Gavin how his …

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Back to the doc’s

Deja vo? We are back to the doc’s again. This time with Emmett John and Elliott Richard. Both have a temp and very wet cough. Lost and Tired

At the doc’s with Gavin continued

Gavin was very nervous while waiting. We get back there and he just starts screaming and he doesn’t stop screaming until everyone has left the room. Everyone felt bad for him. I on the other hand was irritated with him. Is that wrong? I was the only one who knew it was just drama not …

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What life is like: part 4

As I have said before raising a child like Gavin is nothing short of a challenge. What most people don’t know is the toll takes on your marriage. The divorce rate for couples with an autistic child is about 80-85%. When you figure that Gavin’s autism is just one of 8 different disorders that certainly …

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At the Doc’s, Gavin is getting blood work

Sitting waiting for Gavin’s blood to taken. He is doing ok but I can see the anxiety building. I’m not sure how this is going to go. He can either be really good or it can take about 9 people to drawl his blood. I really hope it goes well cause I don’t have the …

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