Peaceful dreams

This was Elliott Richard last night after I finished reading him stories. It makes me sad to know all the people that used to be in our lives will not see him grow up. The choices some people make are simply beyond me. LT

Autism and Emmett John

Emmett John finished his first evaluation yesterday. He completely failed the evaluation. That’s not good. He is now being referred to a pediatric neurologist and from there to the autism clinic to try to pin point his location on the spectrum. The more questions we answer, the closer we get to an official diagnosis and …

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somebody shoot me, please

Lizze has a migraine and is trying to sleep it off so she doesn’t have to take anything for it. The kids, especially Emmett John right now, are driving me crazy. He is going around smashing everything he can. He has broken every remote control we own from throwing them. Elliott Richard is playing the …

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A little bit of peace

This was earlier tonight. I was giving Elliott Richard a bath before bed and Emmett John decided to jump in. Maggie was there to lick up as much bath water as possible (at least it’s not the toilet). LT

Truthful Reality

Sorry for the dreary posts today but it has been an especially bad day. Gavin is driving me absolutely out of my mind. We need to get him stabilized ASAP. Emmett John is going through something. I wish I knew what it was so I could help him better. He is becoming so destructive. He …

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I need a mute button

I have decided that I wish my kids came with a mute button. They have been screaming ALL day long. I swear it’s like they have developed their own language and it’s based on screaming. So I decided I need a mute button. You can buy those universal remote control’s that cost a few hundred …

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