Gavin’s off to school

Well Gavin is off to school. He had a bit of attitude this morning but nothing to major. The biggest issue we had was the fact that he seems to ignore us in favor of the TV. It’s actually pretty extreme because you almost have to get a gew inches from his face to talk …

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Emmett John

Emmett John just seems to lash out at Elliott Richard for really no reason at all. He speech is changing now. Sometimes it sounds like he trying to say words like “thank you” or “welcome” but it’s really hard to tell. Now the sounds he was using for certain things like yes,no,hungry or sleepy are …

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Leak fixed: Mission Accomplished

Fixed the leak. But have to pull it apart in the morning cause I forgot to tape the threads.


Some random Emmett John

It’s Raining (in my freaking kitchen) UPDATE

So I pulled apart the top of the tub to check out the plumbing. Turns out that is may not be so tough after all. Now it’s just finding the correct parts and taking it apart. Not much room to work. The main problem is finding the money and deciding if we replace the whole …

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It’s Raining Up In Here

So we got up this morning and trying to get things done when we notice it’s raining on us. So what, you say. Well the problem is that I happen to be standing in my freaking kitchen. The leak in the bath tub faucet upstairs apparently has decided to become worse through out the night. …

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