How are you supposed to cope with any of this stuff. As a parent I feel like a complete failure, like I missed something. How does this even happen. I have so many questions. Has Emmett John ever heard my voice? Did we do something wrong? I’m trying to remain focused on helping him but I feel helpless. …

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Today’s entertainment

Emmett John and Gavin both have their appts right now. We split up and I took Gavin while she took Emmett John to the audiologist to find out more about his hearing problems. Sitting here I just realized Gavin is due for a few shots. This is a very difficult task to complete. It goes …

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Post meltdown report

Last night Gavin had a 45min meltdown.  It was very similar to the ones we were having 8 monthes ago. I let him go because I didn’t want to give him any attention and reward his behavior.  I reminded him of the rules. Stay away from the windows. He can only scream into his pillow …

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Send me an angel…..right now

No sooner did Lizze leave with my parents for a meeting with Patti when Gavin completely lost it.  He is upstairs screeming for 30 mins now because he couldn’t manipulate me into allowing him to go to bed instead of finishing his reading. He has gotten used to these meltdowns getting him out of things at …

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Today is another day…..

As I predicted last night, this morning was loads of fun. I think we 3 meltdowns this morning. I am hoping he has a decent day at school because I think his teachers are starting to catch on. This is when we are going to be having trouble because he can no longer manipulate his …

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Gavin appears to be cycling again. Just check on him and he was dancing and singing in the dark in his room.. I predict an interesting day tomorrow.. Rob Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

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