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Autism and the Emergancy Room

Today has been one of the worst days in our history of bad days. Lizze and I are both  sick. Lizze is in the middle of a really bad fibro flare. Gavin is still struggling with the simplest of tasks. So the day just didn’t start out well. Around maybe 1:30pm I was upstairs cleaning …

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Emmett John

Emmett John is starting to go back to giving me a high five by putting his head in my hand. He is becoming more and more destructive. He lashes out at Elliott Richard for seemingly no reason at all. He’s still waking up every night screaming hysterically. I’m completely lost anymore. It’s such a helpless …

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Austim+Bipolar= Stressful Mothers Day

I wanted today to be great for Lizze. However, today was exhausting. Par for the course though. Gavin has been a handful all day long. We went to my parents for mothers day. Not long after arriving Gavin tried to open mouth kiss my mother. She handled it really well and just put her glass …

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Happy Mothers Day

Lizze, You have given us so much. I wanted to show you how amazing I know you are.  You are responsible for giving me my children. That is something I can never fully repay you for. Everyday you raise above all the pain you are in and you all that you have. You are a …

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The reality of autism: casualties of war

Casualties of war. That’s what it sometimes feels like. One of the things people don’t think about when it comes to autism is the marriages involved. Raising an autistic child (in our case most likely two) has such an impact on our lives as a whole. Everything gets put on hold in order to wage …

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Tougher and Tougher Everyday

I find my more and more lost with Emmett John and Gavin each day. Gavin is really struggling with simple every day type things. Gavin has “NO” common sense. That’s not a slam on him it’s just a fact. Things that would come automaticly to most don’t come at all to Gavin. So we are …

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