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It’s Raining Up In Here

So we got up this morning and trying to get things done when we notice it’s raining on us. So what, you say. Well the problem is that I happen to be standing in my freaking kitchen. The leak in the bath tub faucet upstairs apparently has decided to become worse through out the night. …

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Gavin morning update

Gavin is staying home today because he is really kinda struggling with the meds situation. We are going to try to get a hold of Dr. R today and figure out where we are going to go.

Lizze MRI update

Lizze had her much anticipated MRI on Friday morning. This is a precautionary but necessary step because of her migraines, tremors and neuropathy. We will hopefully hear back soon because we need some peace of mind. I don’t expect anything to come of this because the migraines are probably related to the firbo. She has …

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Medications and Complications

As the day goes by Gavin’s demeanor is more and more concerning. He’s actually doing pretty well, save for the occasional meltdown. The problem is he seems to be almost asleep on his feet. This is really weird because he is dropping down on some of the meds right now. He wasn’t sleepy on the …

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Autism and Society: We need support and understanding.

Why is that people find it so easy to judge. Speaking only for myself (but I know many of you have experienced this also) I have had so many people judge us without even knowing us or what we go through. We have run into this so many times where people judge us because of …

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A better tomorrow

Gavin and Emmett John both had pretty tough days. Elliott Richard was pretty much along for the ride. Gavin ended up with oatmeal for dinner (which is actually an MST technique). The oatmeal for anyone who thinks it’s cruel or mean is used as a consequence for certain behaviors that must be discouraged. Behaviors such …

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