Sensory Issues

It’s pretty hot out (82F) right now. Gavin through a fit because we made him turn his ceiling fan on. He won’t sleep with the windows open either. He sleeps in a sweatshirt, sweat pants and sock all while under his comforter and buried under his stuffed animals. He says he’s not to hot but …

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What our lives are like, part 6: Fragile Existence

Something that I think many people forget is just how fragile our existence is. Lizze and I are both dealing with chronic health issues. We have 3 kids. Gavin is our autistic, bipolar, ocd,adhd,ptsd,pica,sensory integration disorder and opositionally defiant 10 year old. Elliott Richard is our “typical” 4 year old. He is the “big little …

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What our life is like, part 5: “The Big Little Brother”

There are so many things that are hard to manage when you have a child/children with autism. The  pain often out ways the joy. Fewer things are more difficult than trying to manage your “typical” children along with your autistic ones. It’s a constant struggle trying to make sure they don’t lost in the shuffle. One …

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Little victories with a big impact

Emmett John learned to high 5 today. Up to now when I would hold out my hand to high 5 him he would simply put his face or head in my hand. It was kind of our little thing. But today he started actually high 5’n me. He was so excited and I was so …

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How do you handle holidays

When you have a child like Gavin and now possibly Emmett John how do you handle certain situations that typical children need to experience. Over the years we have learned that Gavin CANNOT handle even mildly stressful situations. He does not handle birthdays well for example. It is way to stimulating. He will be impossible …

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My sweet Emmett John

My sweet Emmett John tries so hard in life. But I am so grateful for moments like these when he is at peace. LT  

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