At the Doc’s, Gavin is getting blood work

Sitting waiting for Gavin’s blood to taken. He is doing ok but I can see the anxiety building. I’m not sure how this is going to go. He can either be really good or it can take about 9 people to drawl his blood. I really hope it goes well cause I don’t have the …

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Random Elliott Richard

A random Elliott Richard photo. Lost and Tired

Random stuff

Sitting waiting to go into Gavin’s appointment. Trying to think thru getting our computer business back up and running full steam. I just built my new tower and it’s running really nice. I also got most of my testing gear together. I got external burners and external docks for just about any HDD you can …

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Oatmeal. It’s what’s for dinner.

So Gavin had a bad day at school today. He refused to do his work and spent time with the principle. He came home and we discussed his day. He refused to take responsibility for his actions. He still owed me time from last nights drama and in light of the path he took at …

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If I had hair I would pull it out

So we have been having problems with Gavin’s school not handling him appropriately. There was little accountability for Gavin and that was a huge problem. I thought we had worked out most of the issues but apparently not. Gavin teachers are trying to teach the kids to listen to their “inner voice”. I know there …

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Common Sense

One of the most frustrating and draining things about raising Gavin is the fact that he lacks common sense. I am very serious when I say that. Gavin does not have any common sense. That part of his brain just doesn’t work. While he is extremely intelligent it’s also “think to breath” so to speak …

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