Full circle

Last night Gavin had a HUGE meltdown. After an ok day at school he just wouldn’t listen when he got home. He spent lots of time in his room but wouldn’t stay there. He kept letting himself out. He got himself so upset that he was at the point of puking. So we decided to …

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Riding the wave

On the ocean of life we are experience high tide’s and low tide’s. Sometimes there are even rip tide’s that pull you out to sea. We have experienced many low tide’s and many more rip tide’s in our voyage so far. Today started out pretty low. We had to rush Lizze to the ER because …

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Random Emmett John Shots

A random shot of Emmett John

What life is like part 3

When you have a special needs child like Gavin your social life goes out the window. I consider myself lucky if I get to watch Law in Order that was DVR’d a week ago. Most of our friends and some of our family are already gone. No one understands that you can’t just get a …

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Some quiet time with the kids

We are enjoying some quiet time around the house with the kids while Gavin is sick. When Gavin is sick he tends to sleep through the day. This gives us a break from all that he can entail. I know that sounds bad to most people but I know some of you out there understand …

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