On an unrelated note. I received in to Dell computers for repair today and got them repaired and returned in only a few hours. Completely re-installed windows and everything. Beat that Geek Squad!!! LT

The big meeting

We had our big meeting today. I think everything went pretty well for the most part. The teachers aide that we have had struggles with still is reluctant to see Gavin as anything other then perfect. But as far as everything else goes it went well. He has lots of sensory issues that we are …

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We meet with the school in the morning

In the morning we are meeting with the school. Gavin’s main therapist, Dr. Patti is going to be there so we can try to fix some of the issues we are having with the schools approach with Gavin. This has been a long time coming and really needs to go well. My main goal for …

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The topic of vaccines has come up….

Vaccine, it seems to be like the grand canyon of the autism community. You find yourself on one side or the other and there is no middle ground. I will start by saying that I don’t subscribe to the vaccine theory nor does my wife for that matter. The reason I bring this up is …

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Well intentioned CRAP!!!!!

I realize people don’t understand what raising a child with autism is like. Maybe they have unrealistic glimpses of what it’s like when they spend brief periods of time with them. But I cannot take one more person telling me that “Thank God he isn’t deaf, he’s only autistic”. As well-intentioned as they maybe it shows …

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When I started this blog a while back (originally at blogger) I was just using it as a safe place to vent my frustrations. I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it let alone follow it. For so long my wife and I felt so alone. There are no places around here for support. The …

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