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Embarrassing moments

So I thought I would share an embarrassing moment and main reason we don’t go out much. Before I go into to this I swear my wife and don’t raise the kids this way. Gavin had to have blood work done for him depakote levels a few years back. This is quite an ordeal. We …

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How do we cope?

How to parents of autistic children cope with life? Speaking for myself, I don’t know. I know I’m depressed and tired all the time. Recently I have been getting sick after eating. The stress is killing me. How are we as parents supposed to cope with this level of chronic stress? There is little to …

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Please take the autism poll :)

We noticed awhile back that Gavin never sweats. Today he was outside running around and all he does is get really red in the face but he doesn’t sweat. I was wondering if this was common with autistic kids or something unique to Gavin. Thanks

Sensory Issues

It’s pretty hot out (82F) right now. Gavin through a fit because we made him turn his ceiling fan on. He won’t sleep with the windows open either. He sleeps in a sweatshirt, sweat pants and sock all while under his comforter and buried under his stuffed animals. He says he’s not to hot but …

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What our lives are like, part 6: Fragile Existence

Something that I think many people forget is just how fragile our existence is. Lizze and I are both dealing with chronic health issues. We have 3 kids. Gavin is our autistic, bipolar, ocd,adhd,ptsd,pica,sensory integration disorder and opositionally defiant 10 year old. Elliott Richard is our “typical” 4 year old. He is the “big little …

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What our life is like, part 5: “The Big Little Brother”

There are so many things that are hard to manage when you have a child/children with autism. The  pain often out ways the joy. Fewer things are more difficult than trying to manage your “typical” children along with your autistic ones. It’s a constant struggle trying to make sure they don’t lost in the shuffle. One …

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