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When I started this blog a while back (originally at blogger) I was just using it as a safe place to vent my frustrations. I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it let alone follow it. For so long my wife and I felt so alone. There are no places around here for support. The …

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Emmett John

Emmett John has been all over the place. All he does is scream. He is still sick a bit but there is no consoling him. He just flings himself backwards with no regard for hurting himself. He has been doing this the past few months or so. This could just be typical 2 year old …

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Little Victories

Well as far as victories go we never have many. Yesterday though Gavin had a perfect day at school. Even after forgetting his backpack. This almost never happens and it happened on aday we really needed it to. The rest of the day with Gavin was good until after dinner when he really struggled but …

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As reality sets in

As the day is wearing on reality is setting in. We most likely have 2 autistic children. How does that even happen? We’re barely surviving Gavin how are we going to have what Emmett John needs? How are we going to have what Elliott Richard needs? Will Elliott Richard ever have a “normal” life? Does …

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Ok here’s what we know

Lizze and I are still shocked at the test results today. I don’t know that we have even begun to process anything. Emmett John’s hearing is perfect but he doesn’t talk and he doesn’t respond to noise. He is going to see the pediatric neurologist as soon as he can get in to rule out …

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Well as you know Emmett John was at the Children’s Hospital this morning. What you don’t know is that I got the flu last night. I had to stay behind. This was to important to reschedule. Lizze called her mother and she came and took her and Emmett John to the Hospital for the tests. …

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