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Today has been the longest ever. Everyone seems to be on edge. No one seems to be sleeping well. Emmett John appears to be getting sick again. Elliott Richard is bored and suffering from cabin fever. Things have been sort of uneventful the past day or so. Which is good, obviously. But today went down …

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Yeah Super Bowl Commercials

This has been a rough weekend. Gavin is extremely manic. Lizze and I are losing our minds. He is all over the place. He asks the same questions over and over again. The rest of the time he doesn't make any sense. We were supposed to celebrate my mother's and Gavin's birthday. It got moved …

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Life goes on

Gavin seems to be going through another psychotic break. He is leaving reality behind and entering his imaginary world. He also seems manic at the same time. He has become very disorganized and very easily agitated. He has become a little "smart ass" for lack of better words. He is rude and disrespectful. It's even …

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I have reached the point where I think I’m actually going to crack. Lizze and I both are on the far side of our limits. Lizze is in a fibro flare so bad she can’t literally can’t move without tears streaming down her face. My back went out again a few days ago. Gavin is …

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It’s been awhile

Nothing really new to report this weekend. Gavin was doing ok but today we have had some problems. We got Elliott a Nintendo DSi the other day. We decided to let Gavin and Elliott play together a little today since Gavin has been doing well. We have a baby monitor in the room to hear …

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Ready to give up

Lizze just got back from taking Emmett to Dr. H to make sure Emmett John didn’t have an ear infection. He has been pulling on his ears and digging into them and we wanted to make sure everything is ok. His ears are clean and the tubes are clear. So it looks like Emmett John …

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