Autism and PICA

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Gavin had a good day at school today. But he is once again complaining about tummy aches. The teachers don’t pay much attention anymore because he has cried wolf so many times (so they don’t feed into it per our request). If he’s actually sick that’s another story. Got Gavin… Read more »

Lizze Update

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We just got out. Lizze has a cyst at the base of her brain but apparently its not something to worry about. She does have tremors. He said they were called “Familial Tremors”. It also looks like she does have narcolepsy. She is scheduled for a sleep study soon. Both… Read more »


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Frustration, it goes along with autism. I’m quiet often frustrated with Gavin. We were getting ready to walk out the door to go to school this morning and I noticed something wrong with his pants. The whole back side of his pants was covered in tooth paste. How do you… Read more »