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We arrived at @AkronChildrens 

Emmett and I arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital to have his eyes checked out. He’s due for a check up but he’s having a hard time seeing. He also just told me that he’s had a few times where his vision in both eyes has gone totally black.  I wasn’t aware of that….  Anyway, hopefully …

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Off to physical therapy at @AkronChildrens

Emmett, Elliott and I are going to be on our way to physical therapy at Akron Children’s Hospital. Emmett gets 45 minutes of therapy a week and it really is a positive thing.  It sucks that I have to pull him out of school early but the benefits far outweigh the price of admission.  I …

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Emmett kicked butt at his eye appointment today

Emmett and I just got back into town, picked up Gavin and will be getting Elliott from school in a few minutes. Emmett’s eye exam went great and he only needed a mild adjustment to his prescription. The doctor said his glasses will essentially remain unchanged. Something that’s a little different this time is that …

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We made it to Akron Children’s Hospital with a few minutes to spare 

Traffic was horrible today on the way to the hospital this morning. HORRIBLE.  That being said, we made it to his appointment with a few minutes to spare. 😀 Emmett’s being very brave, even though he’s really nervous about getting his eyes dilated.  He’s so sweet and the nurse is so good with him.  His …

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Emmett did some new things in Physical Therapy this week   ***Check out the pics***

I wanted to try to get caught up on back posts and thought this would be a fun one.  One of my favorite things to do during the week is take Emmett to physical therapy. Not only is his therapist really awesome but Emmett responds to her very well. He totally kicks butt every time …

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Here’s what happened at the pediatrician yesterday 

I had to get Gavin into the pediatrician yesterday afternoon because of his bladder problems.  First of all, it needs to be understood that Gavin’s ability to tell me things like how he’s feeling, pain levels, how often he goes potty or anything about potty issues for that matter, is significantly hindered by cognitive/developmental issues.  …

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