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Emmett and I made it to the always amazing @AkronChildrens hospital for his eye appointment

Emmett and I battled horrendous traffic, while drinking dangerously hot – hot chocolate, in order to get to Akron Children’s Hospital for his desperately needed eye appointment. Actually, traffic wasn’t too bad today but the hot chocolate was seriously hot and Emmett does need new glasses in a very bad… Read more »

I heard back from 3 doctors this morning and it’s good news

First of all, I’ll get to all the new comments but we’re in a hurry this morning so it will have to wait. I just wanted to lay down a quick update because it seems like very positive news. I spoke with the eye doctors office in regards to Emmett’s… Read more »

We got some insanely good news

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I wanted to drop you a quick line to share a bit of insanely good news. Let’s be honest, it’s been a little while since I’ve had some really good news to share. Well, you can reset that counter because I have some good news to share. ☺ Yesterday morning… Read more »

Like we didn’t already have enough on our plate

I received really bad news as Lizze and I were leaving her grandmother’s funeral, on our way to the cemetery yesterday.

The heartbreaking reality of how trauma has seriously impacted one of my kids with #Autism

I’ve been meaning to write this but the idea of doing so has been too overwhelming. There are a number of reasons for that but the main one is that I’m struggling with my own depression at this point and many things have me overwhelmed. I’m going to try and… Read more »

Dear God, I’m not sure how much more I can take right now

It’s been a rough week and yesterday, we lost our 3rd pet to cancer in less than a year. The kids are devastated and everyone’s a mess. We did manage to get the boys to school but not without a great deal of effort, which pretty much drained us of… Read more »

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