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My oldest with #Autism wandered off today and we couldn’t find him

Before I go any further, let me say that Gavin is safe. We were on our way to the dentist and Gavin started having bladder issues again. We had something that needed replace under warranty at Best Buy, so we opted to do that on the way out of town because Gavin needed the bathroom …

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Meltdowns over Minecraft

The boys have really become obsessed with Minecraft lately.  They’ve always loved playing Minecraft but lately, their very focused on building their world’s.  I suspect that it maybe has to do with having some control over things.   I get that it’s fun to play an all but I feel like this go a bit …

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I just can’t catch a break

I just can’t catch a break at this point.  Thankfully, Emmett fell asleep and is still sleeping. Unfortunately, shortly after he fell asleep, Elliott woke up and after trying for awhile to go back asleep, we moved downstairs to the living room.  It’s about 5am and he’s still stuck in awake mode.   At this …

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Autism Parenting woes: Who needs sleep anyway?

I wish that we could get to the bottom of Emmett’s inability to fall asleep before it’s time to wake up in the morning. I’m trying to find the humor in this but that proving to be a bit tough because my brain is fried suffering from sleep deprivation. He actually fell asleep earlier but …

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#Autism Parenting Woes: My mission to get the boys haircut failed miserably

Both Elliott and Emmett need to get their hair cut. I can trim them up a bit because it’s not too bad but they definitely need a haircut.  Generally speaking, I’ve always had pretty good luck when it comes to getting their cooperation for things like this but the key is that they have to …

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