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We have a very serious decision to make

I heard back from Gavin’s psychiatrist today and we have a very, very difficult decision to make, in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic break.  Dr. Reynolds explained that we can increase Gavin’s Clozapine dose back up to 800mg a day, if we feel he’s that bad or that far gone.  He’s currently on 600mg/day right …

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Here’s what caused the Clozapine crisis and how it was resolved

REM’s needs to get their shit together because this could have been an absolute disaster.

Clozapine Crisis: A significant problem has come to light

“…….I went to pick up his refill today and it wouldn’t go through. Then I heard the dreaded words, there’s a problem Mr. Gorski…..” Read More

GOOD NEWS: I managed to avoid another Clozapine crisis

GOOD NEWS: I managed to avoid another Clozapine crisis

BAD NEWS: Gavin’s still seeing and hearing things that aren’t real :(

First of all, I’m sorry for the less than frequent updates over the last few days. With school starting and a few other things going on, I’ve been distracted.  – Rob I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I’m not worried about Gavin for one reason or another.  Yesterday, he told me …

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Gavin’s blood pressure was really high for him today

Before every appointment at his psychiatrist’s office, Gavin has his vitals taken. This allows for the detection of any significant medication related changes to be monitored.  Because of Gavin’s autonomic disorder, his blood pressure is always really low.  The last time it was taken at this doctors office, it was 100/40 and that’s about his …

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