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Making birthdays special even when you’re a struggling #Autism family

If you’re an #Autism or #SpecialNeeds family, struggling in more ways than one and have ever felt guilty for not having the means to do something for your kids, this post is for you.

Talking About Mental Illness: Mental illness is very real and can impact every aspect of someone’s life

“Just because you look at someone andand feel they look normal doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling with something truly profound on the inside”

#Autism parents aren’t anti-social, we just don’t want to overstimulate our kids with Autism 

“I hate seeing my kids in the kind of distress that occurs with a meltdown because they are so overwhelmed by everything, that their bodies simply purge.”

You’ve reconciled and put your family back together. Now what? 

“Any resistance, friction or anger will only serve to hurt all those involved, especially the children who will not doubt pickup on it.”

A positive message about #Autism Parenting 

Please help me share this positive message with the world, one person at a time

Deeply personal insight on how #Autism families end up isolated and how that impacts relationships 

I know that sounds counterintuitive, especially since isolation is not a good thing but it comes down to not putting our kids into situations that will overstimulate them and lead to more difficult parenting challenges.

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