Why don’t we talk about #Depression?

There's so many things that we as a society talk about all the time. I can't turn on the TV or radio without being inundated with information. Every day, I hear people talk about the latest scandal in the White House, missiles in North Korea, what celebrity's marriage is falling apart or even debating the season finale of a popular TV show.. I'm not going to say that we shouldn't be talking about some of those things because we should be able to talk about anything. As a society, I'd like to think we've evolved enough, that there shouldn't be things we can't have serious conversations about, Depression being one of them. We're at the tail end of 2017, and it's still taboo to talk about getting help for depression,…

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I had nice visit today

Earlier today, I had to make a run to my parents house. My Dad needed his loppers and the new cordless hedge trimmers back. They only live a few miles down the road, and I was able to sneak out. Lizze was hanging out with the kids, so I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with my Mom. It was really nice, and she sent me home with cake pops. ☺ Little visits like this are brief, but help me to feel connected to the red of my family. No it's back to the chaos... ☺


We had some impromptu fun this afternoon

Lizze is hanging out with her Mom for a bit, while the boys and I go from the school to the Garden Center. We of course, made a brief stop home to pick up Pokémon Go equipment before heading off to hunt. Some of these Pokémon are hard to find. It would be really interesting to go overlanding or off roading and see what we can find. Lizze and I used to do that when we first met. Obviously, Pokémon go wasn't around then but the off roading part was so much fun. Anyway........ I'm really happy that Lizze got a chance to spend some time with her Mom. Lizze doesn't leave the house all the often because of social anxiety. She's not spent time with her Mom like this…


Making the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt

We got off to a rough start today. Between oversleeping and a decent meltdown, I'm spent. My back is still a major issue at the moment and that makes things worse for me. Thank God for Elliott's level of cooperation this morning. He did really amazing and I couldn't be prouder. Emmett is definitely struggling today and is home from school once again. Gavin is very tunnel visioned and all he can focus on is taking a bath. That's not a bad thing per say, because he's doing this unprotected. The annoying part is when we tell him he has to wait a bit because the bathroom won't be available right away, and yet he continues to ask as though we never had that conversation a dozen times already today.…